Next in the GOP Crosshairs…War with Iran

     Republicans won’t waste much time continuing to obstruct healthcare reform…..they lost that fight. So what jam will they get us into next? Well, they have been jawing about Iran, the need to get tougher with this piss-ant country, the ever-present desire they have to keep this country at war. I don’t believe a republican was ever born who didn’t get a hard on when thinking about bombing some country into oblivion.

     Now that Iraq is winding down, now that the Iraqis’ have begun to get a handle on running their own country, and it’s looking like US soldiers have things pretty well under control in Afghanistan, where are republicans going to get their “war high”?  Can’t ya just picture the republicans all sitting around a table throwing out ideas on who just isn’t falling in line…..

     “This Mah-who-ma-din-ajad guy thinks he can tell us what he’s going to do…..well, it’s about time he got a red, white and blue attitude adjustment”, said the top war-dog, John McCain.

     “Yaaaaa”‘ chimmed in Donald Rumsfeld, the “brains” behind the Iraq invasion.

     “What we need is to tell the American public just what’s been really been going on over there, how they are about ready to bomb the East coast of our homeland. We can get that google map thingie on Fox every night to make sure Americans see all those nu-cle-ur plants that we know are making bombs aimed at us”, claimed Karl Rove, the roly, poly spinmiester of the Bush years.

     Ah, yes, the air is thick and pungent with plans to once again claim that only the republicans can keep America save. And what’s better for a come-back than threats from some distant group of “Muslims”, trying to take over the world with plans to make us all start reading the Koran and probably bow to the East. I’m already starting to feel terrified…..

     Whatever the republicans come up with this time, whatever plot they uncover to take over the world, you can bet that they will drag out those zillion dollar fighter planes to “save us all”. After all, they are the only ones who really have what it takes to keep all these lowlife in their place. Now, if only they would save us all from that other group of lowlife scum, the tea partiers, whose conduct on the Hill over the week-end was nothing short of unfuckingbelieveable.

~Dusty Mills



The US Senate: Deaf, Dumb & Blind

     By now, any politic junkie has read the new’s; the Senate has rejected a proposal to ban earmarks for the remainder of the year. Are these people just stupid or are they so out of touch to what’s happening to this country that they think they can continue spending the taxpayer’s money like there’s no end to it? Evidently, Americans need to send a stronger message to our esteemed Senators: we are broke! We’re not “going broke”…we are there. How much national debt is too much for these people?  Recently, I was listening to one Senator from WA state talk about wanting more money for the NASA space program, and he said it would “only take 17 billion”…..only??  Really, Senator? Are we at the point where Congress is so used to spending the billions and billions taxpayers must give to the US government, that a billion is nothing? How about the “trillion” dollars that it now takes a year to keep this country afloat, is that too “nothing”?

     The national shame of this country is that other countries in the world now have such a big stake in our financial future that we allow communist countries to dictate world economy. If the “richest” country in the world (do we even still have that distinct title anymore?) must borrow money from other countries, then don’t ya think that we’re overspending?

     Republicans are on to something when they accuse democrats of having no fiscal responsibility (even though they have none themselves). Our entire government takes no responsibility for the free-spending that is the norm on capital hill. The majority of Americans break their backs struggling to pay their taxes, while we give huge breaks to big companies who pay almost nothing. Here in Oregon, voters recently passed a measure to make big business pay more on the scale of the amount of revenue that make every year. Large business’s were only paying $100.00 a year here ( that’s no typo…..One Hundred Dollars). Right after the measure passed we had CEO’s on TV pissing and moaning about the increase… $150.00 a year. I have absolutely no sympathy for these scabs.

     As for the Senate voting down an earmark ban, this will continue until we vote out every single politician who cannot seem to legislate responsibly. Taxpayer money is not the private bank of Congress to dole out to whoever has the favor of any particular Senator. Almost without exception, Americans have pared back, many do without, many have almost nothing as it is and still our Senators feel free to spend millions on some project that will only benefit a few. But then, it’s only a few million…..

     Next thing you know, the Senate will be giving themselves another pay raise……because spending all our money is hard work, don’t ya know.

~Dusty Mills



Punked by The President?

     What do we know about the “deal” that President Obama supposedly made with America’s hospital’s and with big pharma? The only thing I’ve read is a quote from a lobbyist who claims that such deals were made and that they felt that the WH could be trusted to keep their end of it. So we all know that the deal is how most of Washington works, in fact, the whole damn government is one big deal, right? Sounds like something right out of a Jack Higgins novel…..secret deals made in the dead of night, men in the shadows who make sure you do what you said you would.  Reality or a load of crap?

     Making the case for the president, he told us all that we deserved the same healthcare that Congress has, that in America we take care of each other. He has agreed that the insurance industry has us by the balls, as well as keeping a thumb on those who haven’t yet reached the cut-off time, but you’re getting close. This past week we saw the man we came to know on the campaign trail, the one who could talk you out of your last dime. He makes a good case for reform of  healthcare and God knows we are in need.

     On the flip side, I am worried that lurking in the background is a plan to keep the public option from ever seeing the light of day. The president has never really pushed the PO, not since being elected that is. I would hate to think that we’ve been sold out to those greedy bastards who control healthcare as we know it. And a deal with pharma, that would feel like a sharp knife in the gut. I know elderly people who buy their meds only to cut them in half and take them every other day to make them last longer and the president knows this. He knows that Americans spend twice or more than other countries for the same meds.

     It’s been reported that there are now fifty signatures on a letter for the public option in the Senate. The House bill contained a public option, but can we get the Senate to just take a vote and see whether a PO could survive?  Is it because a deal was made not to include any universal coverage?

     I truly hope that every Senator is aware that should the American public find out that we’ve been punked, that they won’t be able to get out of Washington  fast enough. It’s about time the shoe was on the other foot for a change, every Senator should know what it’s like to be a part of America’s middle class these days…..we’re done carrying the load.

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The Shame of Congress

Anyone who watches political news must have seen stories about the free health clinic’s that have been going on around the country. It’s almost unbelievable to see so many thousands of Americans who are in such need of seeing a doctor that they line up all day just to get a free check-up. And it’s unbelievable as well, to hear the tales they tell; most haven’t seen a doctor in many years, some are in such bad shape that they are taken right to a local hospital. Yesterday, at a clinic taking place in Kansas, an eight year old girl came in who had never seen a doctor…..which means she’s never been immunized against all the childhood diseases. Is this the America that we are all so proud of? A country whose’s national healthcare is such a disgrace that fellow Americans must donate their own money to fund these free clinic’s.

For this we must thank our Congress, for in all the years that we’ve been known as the first country to step up and offer a helping hand to any country in the world, Congress has turned it’s back on its own people. Over 40,000 people die each year due to lack of medical care, we have veterans living on the streets still suffering trauma from the Vietnam war. We have millions of people who die because their insurance carrier tells them they won’t fund treatment. We have fellow Americans who have been forced out of their homes due to horrendous bills not covered by existing policies. We have millions of people who simply gave up having healthcare due to the exploding cost of treatment.

And the US Congress is to blame. Every one of those esteemed members who swore to work for the very people who elected them, have stood back and turned a blind eye to the very suffering that is taking place in every city in this country. This isn’t a democrat or republican affliction, it is all of them, those who are so hard-hearted, so tainted and unconscionable that they have turned their back on those in this country who have so much need. What kind of people have we elected to Congress that they are only concerned with their own well-being? Every person in this country is now very much aware of how much money is being funneled into the coffers of our elected officials. Money that is paid for these officials to work against the people in favor of mammoth corporations, paid to do the dirty work of those who would just as soon watch a person die than to offer help.

Our Congress, and those who have been privileged to walk the halls of that institution in decades past, have done the greatest disservice to those they swore to protect. They have chosen to enrich themselves instead of those who look to them for not only a democracy in live in, but for basic human decency. They have chosen to allow the meek and the poor to labor their whole lives without the most basic of human needs.

Someday I hope that there is a wall built with the names of those in Congress who denied the American people the right to live a healthy life, and it is also my hope that in the last years of their lives, they have the time to reflect on all those who lost their own life, all because it wasn’t beneficial to do the right thing.


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Will Abortion Derail Healthcare Reform?

Nothing ever changes in Congress, does it? These fools couldn’t write important legislation to save the world. We finally get to the point where reform is within sight, and what are they debating? Abortion. I in no way, want to belittle abortion, I just don’t feel that the issue has a place in healthcare reform. Why? Because so few of us would actually be considering one.

First, let’s eliminate all the males from the total number of the US population. Next, eliminate all the women who are over child-bearing age, and those who are prepubescent. How many actual women are included in the range of possibility for getting an abortion? I really don’t know, but it seems to me that this group of women would be a small fraction of the US population.

And for this small group of women our esteemed Congress is willing to waste precious time and possibly derail all reform? What is wrong with these lawmakers? We have had a system in this country concerning abortion that has worked. Ok, not everyone likes it, but you could say that about almost any subject in this country today. The fact is that for once the republicans are right about one thing…..keep the government nose out of my reproductive life. And most women feel this way, whether you are pro-choice or not, American women don’t need some crazy Texas Senator ( or a Senator from anywhere) telling us what to do with our bodies.

It seems to me that it is the conservatives who are pushing this issue in the debate for healthcare reform,  just to stop reform from ever happening. We must not let them do this, Americans need reform far too much to allow a few politicians to speak for many millions of people.

I believe it’s once again time for a push for all to call their Congressman/Women, and at least tell them how you feel about the current discussion regarding abortion. This issue does not belong in the current debate regarding healthcare reform…..there are too many sick and dying Americans who need healthcare, not abortions.

~Dusty Mills


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Congress Pulling A Swift Willy?

I’m at the point in this healthcare debate where I’m pretty damn sure that our Congress is working on it’s own agenda. Months and months of pissing and moaning to the point where the public option is nothing more than a mandate for everyone in the country to buy insurance. And now, the whole debate has turned into a war over abortion. Abortion should never have been brought into this reform, I believe that the republicans are using abortion as a tool to defeat healthcare for all.

So, just exactly what agenda is our Congress following? It certainly isn’t working to give Americans a level playing field when dealing with the insurance industry. Have members of our government been given so much money by the insurance industry that reform was never an option for us?  Does anyone else think that we’re being played? And why hasn’t our president come straight out and demanded that the people deserve the same care that other, less prosperous countries, give to all the people in their lands?

It’s been written lately that by the time it’s all said and done, this reform will not be worth the paper it’s written on, that by the time Congress plays all it’s time-honored games to get what they have promised their true constituents, that we won’t get squat.

I hope every American remembers the names of each and every member of Congress who is up for election in the coming years. They don’t deserve to be reelected, they don’t deserve the position of being a member of Congress. In fact, they don’t deserve shit.


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Congressman Stupak Knows Best

When it comes to reproductive rights, Bart Stupak know’s better than you what’s best. He knows that regardless of your physical health, your financial status or whether you planned on getting pregnant or not, that abortion is never the answer.

The Stupak-Pitts amendment would set back women’s rights to the era of the last century. How is it that these two men feel they have the right to set policy for all women in the U.S.?  Why is it that they think they know what’s best for all the millions of women they have never met nor never will?

Abortion is one of the most arduous decisions a woman can ever make, and no matter the circumstances, is one that is never forgotten. The vast majority of women who make the decision to have an abortion, do so with their heart about to burst. It’s never easy, it’s never a position any woman wants to be in. But at times it may be necessary. And no one, especially a member of our government, should be able to tell you what you can or can’t do with your own body. Women are not indentured servants, subject to the will and wants of the men in our society, women have the same rights as men, women own their bodies and should not be mandated on whether they have a child or not.

If you think abortion is wrong, well your entitled to your opinion…..but that’s all it should be, an opinion. It definitely should not be a part of the laws of this country. Women are much more than the sum of their body parts, we have our own minds, our own thoughts and should have the right to decide how many, if any, children we want.

If you see women as equal partners in our society, call or e-mail your state reps, let them know that forcing the abortion issue into the health reform legislation could kill this once in a lifetime chance to insure all Americans.


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Arguments We Cannot Afford Healthcare Are Untrue

Most of the reasonable objections to healthcare reform are condemning the cost to this nation. We hear figures that are in the trillions of dollars, we hear that we are saddling our children and grandchildren with mountains of debt that they will never to able to pay. But with a problem such as the health of our nation at stake, how can we simply say “we can’t afford it” and continue with the statis quo?

The fact is we can afford to reform healthcare, but it’s going to take changing the statis quo and this is what has so many scared right now. As our system currently stands, it is the insurance industry who benefits, it is the CEO and shareholders of these giant companies who reap billions of dollars every year due to the unethical practice of denying coverage when a subscriber falls ill. These companies are the ones holding the ace, with so much money at their fingertips, it is relatively easy to throw money at those who have a hand in crafting legislation. Campaign reform is what is needed to take away the edge industry holds over our elected officials. But lets save that for next year, right now we must pass healthcare reform before the chance is taken away from us for another 40 years.

We are told by our government that we cannot afford reform right now because of the huge cost to implement that reform, but like any budget, where we put our money must be dependent upon what is most important to us. We cannot afford to cover the cost of two wars. The money the U.S. has spent in Iraq is horrendous. The money we will spend in Afghanistan will be even more so. Simply put, this country cannot afford the cost associated with turning foreign governments into democracy’s. This country cannot afford the cost of foreign aid right now. With our high ideals and the need to help others, we spend billions trying to turn other nations into what our idea is of a prospering nation. This is a grand idea and this country’s pensity toward human kindness is admirable, but we are not a endless pit of money. We also have allowed our Congress to spend this country’s treasury at their whim. It seems that no legislation is passed without millions of dollars of extra “pork” being worked in to appease some Congressional district. Our elected officials give themselves a grand salary, healthcare, countless days of recess and spend to their hearts content. Even our Supreme Court Justice’s, almost without exception all millionaires, gave themselves a “cost of living raise”! Our federal employee’s travel and fly in comfort all at the expense of the taxpayer. This need to live high has added to our debt, make no mistake about it.

In order to pass reform strong changes will need to be made. It is time for our President to stand and take charge of this country’s budget. It is time for him to do what he told this country he’d do when he campaigned for the presidency…..make spending by our governing agencies transparent, eliminate the squandering that has held hold of federal employee’s for decades, to spend our treasury on the things that are vital to the prosperity and health of this nation. To make the hard decisions about what is right regardless of backroom deals or promises made. To live up to the high expectations we had of him. Be the President this nation needs Mr. Obama, do for the American people what no one has been able or willing to do…..spend us into prosperity and health.


Time For The President To Do What Congress Won’t

Can’t say we didn’t warn him, the prez, that is. You must give him credit for trying to bring those chicken hawks together in Washington; no other commander in chief has worked as hard as Obama to put partisanship aside for the good of the country. Gives you an idea of the mind-set of  most notably the republicans, but those democrats as well, who call themselves blue dogs. I call them all chicken shit’s, because they just can’t let the President have any victory, even when it comes to something as important as giving healthcare to all Americans. I’ve seen it written that those blue dogs may as well be republicans, because they too have thrown up a wall that the President and other members of Congress find too tall to climb.

So, what is it going to take to get Congress to give us reform? Will this group of supposedly intelligent men and women get it together and actually give the public something that is so important to them? Or will things remain status quo, wasting time squabbling and haggling until the August recess? Personally, if I were the President, I would tell Congress that until a workable bill was on my desk, there will be no recess. How many times has Congress done this, screwed around until the last minute and then said, “Oh well, this will have to wait until we come back from vacation”. You would think that with something as important as healthcare, with good people dying everyday because they don’t have access to quality care, that these members, who have the best healthcare our money can buy, would decide to put off recess until they could come to an agreement and present the President and the people with a solution to the mess we’re in. Sorry to tell you America, but Congress doesn’t give a damn about you or your family. In fact, right now, as they sit dreaming about that month long vacation they have coming, courtesy of your taxpaying dollars, the only thing they’re worrying about is how to keep us all from knowing about all the millions that the insurance industry is pouring into their coffers.

Do you think the time has finally come for the American people to give the whole of Congress the boot? You know, fire them all, tell them to take a hike. Refuse to sit back and allow them to hold us all hostage while they rake in the big bucks from the industry that they are suppose to be reforming.

I’m sorry to say that I feel the President made a huge error in believing that Congress could actually work in a nonpartisan fashion and draft healthcare reform. They are too beholden to the insurance companies, and surely the President knew from the get-go that there was going to be a conflict of interest?

If there is going to be true reform, we need an independent group of non-partsian thinkers who can work to find a way to bring this country into the 21st century. Congress has failed us all again, isn’t it time to make them own up to that?

~Dusty Mills


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Being Way Beyond Disenchanted

You know how you feel when you find out that you’ve been taken advantage of in the worst possible way? When you could just kick yourself for not seeing through some scheme because you trusted someone and just almost couldn’t believe that there are people in this world who really don’t have a conscience and think nothing of putting the screws to you big time.

Well, I’ve been pissed at Congress for some time now, pissed at how they somehow manage to get almost nothing done and then it’s time for one of their many recesses. What a job! Good salary, great benefits, lobbyists throwing money at you…..and I don’t know, how many of those stinkin’ recesses do they get every year…..6?

So here they are putting on a show of “reforming healthcare”. Something that’s been in the works for decades now, and not one day goes by without some soundbite from one of those Senators on the reform committee who’s not happy with this, that or the other. Evidently, if a Senator is not happy with some part of the reform bill, it’s a no go. And then we’ve got the republicans…..well, they never met any legistration  that was good for the people that they didn’t oppose. Thank God they are in the minority, for now I can just ignore them.

So why does it seem as though Congress, a democratic Congress no less, has been throwing one curve ball after the other to try and shit up the reform bill? The democrat’s have been making more noise than the whining we normally hear out of the rino’s. And then there’s the big one: yesterday’s Washington Post article about all the money that the insurance industry has been giving to the reform committee. Now, are we really suppose to believe that the Senators who are drafting reform are going to do so against those who give them millions? Even someone with rocks for brains can say “conflict of interest”.

So, ya I’m disenchanted with Congress, I just can’t see them getting this done. But then we certaintly can’t interfere with the recess, can we?

~Dusty Mills


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